Our People

Dr Andrew Muir

Dr Andrew Muir is an Advisory Board Member for Harwell Capital, and a Director of Midven and Fund Principal of the Rainbow Seed Fund and the Early Advantage fund.

After a scientific career as Senior Scientist at ICI and Zeneca, Andrew went on to roles in research and business development at the medical device company Biocompatibles and then Vice President of Global Technology for a US start-up in disinfection of medical equipment, Sterilox Technologies.

Andrew started his career in Venture Capital with the £4m per annum Invention and Innovation seed capital fund at NESTA (the National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts), becoming Investment Manager before joining Midven in 2004.

Andrew graduated from Oxford University with an MA and D.Phil in Chemistry, and combines a strong scientific and technical grounding with a real commercial pragmatism developed from his operational roles.