Our People

Ben Hakham

Chief Investment Officer

Ben Hakham is the Chief Investment Officer at Harwell Capital.  Ben has multi-decade investment experience, in both public and private markets, having run a billion-dollar Family Office portfolio, a renowned global long/short equity hedge fund and numerous investment banking teams.

Ben’s investment style has been centered on Structural Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP), with extensive investment in technology and disruption throughout his career

Ben began his career in the research department of Schroder Securities and set-up the first European Emerging Markets Research and Sales Trading desks. After establishing the EM desk at Carnegie International, Ben was hired by SG Warburg (now UBS) to establish a European EM desk. The department became the number 1 research team in its field for a number of years. By 1999, Ben had completed a post-graduate diploma in Computer Science and moved to develop a Global Technology Research and Sales platform at UBS. 

After spending almost ten years at UBS, Ben moved to Renaissance Capital where he headed their International division and sat on the main board of Russia’s leading Investment Bank. Ben ran a proprietary trading book at Rencap before establishing a hedge fund platform for the group. 

Ben has a degree in Economics and Economic History.