Acuitas Medical has developed a suite of patented, unique software tools for MRI scanners, fineSA, which provides anatomical information on disease at a scale at least 10x finer than possible in conventional MRI.

With the MRI procedures market worth US$30bn annually, this has the potential to revolutionise the early stage diagnosis of a range of diseases. Delivered as a Software as a Service model, Acuitas Medical will be partnering with the global manufacturers of MRI scanners to deliver the software remotely to the installed base of 30,000 MRI machines. The end users – physicians and hospital clinicians – will pay for the service on a "per click" basis.

Over the past 30 years, medical practice has been transformed with the introduction of new imaging technologies, particularly MRI. However, despite the significant progress that has been made, fundamental limitations remain. 

CT and PET imaging both expose patients to ionising radiation, and there are increasing concerns about long-term consequences of imaging a patient frequently with these methods. This poses a major problem in monitoring disease progression. The spatial resolution that can be achieved by conventional imaging methods (CT, PET and MRI) is limited by a variety of factors, and insufficient for the early detection of a number of diseases. 

Acuitas Medical’s fineSA is a non-invasive technique capable of identifying the early changes in anatomical structure that occur with a number of diseases, including organ fibrosis, Alzheimer’s disease and bone diseases at a scale too fine to be identified by conventional MRI.