Duvas Technologies Ltd was established after years of research at Imperial College London, one of the world's top 10 research universities.

Duvas has developed patented, innovative, real-time, multi-species gas sensors for Oil & Gas, Air Quality Management and Defence & Security markets.

Duvas has developed a new approach for multi-species gas analysis in mobile form producing instantaneous, dynamic readouts - and the geographic mapping of gas concentrations in real-time.

It is capable of measuring a large range of gases 'visible' in the UV spectrum. All gases absorb light differently, hence creating a unique 'fingerprint' for each gas.

The WHO (World Health Organisation) estimates that 1.2m people die each year from air pollution, and in the UK alone that figure is estimated at 50,000 p.a.

It can detect more than 50 gases simultaneously, can be hand-carried, stationary or vehicle mounted, and has much lower ongoing costs than its competitors.