Lontra is a Cleantech company developing energy saving compressors and engines, with grant support from the Carbon Trust.

The Blade Compressor is an innovative design which delivers efficiency gains of 20% over competing technologies, using a rotating blade which passes through a slot in a rotating disc once per cycle. This is suitable for various industrial air markets, blowers and process gas applications. Lontra's initial focus is on waste water aeration, automotive superchargers and the industrial air market.

The Blade Supercharger is an efficient, variable mass flow, positive displacement supercharger. Using the core design of the Blade Compressor, it optimises engine performance and has unique abilities to match the requirements for heavily downsized powertrains, both gasoline and diesel.

The Lindsey Engine is a patented engine design developed from the Blade Compressor, and sharing the basic mechanical design, that could potentially deliver significant improvements in efficiency of up to 37% over traditional engines.