Microtest Diagnostics

Microtest Diagnostics was spun out of Imperial College London with a mission to provide automated multiplex in-vitro diagnostic tests in the areas of Allergy, Autoimmune, Influenza and Infectious Disease with a desktop device at the point of care.

Following more than 10 years of development and over £6m in R&D investment, Microtest Diagnostics has received CE-mark for its instrument, and is focusing initially on the allergy testing market.

Microtest Diagnostics has developed a novel, patented allergy testing platform based on microarray technology. The platform has the potential to transform the €2.3bn global allergy testing market by offering the first fast, clinically validated allergy screen, delivered at breakthrough cost over existing tests. From just 4 drops of blood, Microtest Diagnostics can test against hundreds of allergens simultaneously using disposable biochips.

Allergies affects as much as 35-40% of Western populations, and a growing proportion in Asia, where exposure to pollutants, new foods and new environments are cited as causes, yet only 60m allergy tests are carried out annually. Microtest Diagnostics aim to convert allergy prevalence into increased testing, bringing testing closer to the patient and allowing doctors, specialists and allergologists to provide a complete allergy profile for patients in just 3 hours.